Pisces Soap

Pisces Soap

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Pisces are known as the easygoing dreamers. These folks are selfless, spiritual, and very focused on their inner journey. Some may think Pisces are lazy but they are just busy brainstorming a way to save the world with love. Their imagination is extremely vivid and they love spending time developing their higher consciousness. The two fishes symbolizes Pisces duality, their yin and yang of sensibility.  You'll love this essential oil blend of Sandalwood, Lavender, Tea Tree, and Myrrh which works well with grounding Pisces dreamy nature. 

Our Pisces soap is made with natural butters and oils to keep your skin looking its best. Our handmade soap provides great lather and moisture that our body needs to thrive.

Good for Face & Body

highly recommend using a soap that drains water to extend the life of the soap 

**All our soaps are hand cut and color variations in appearance is possible**

Weight: 4 oz

Ingredients: Olive Oil (Extra Virgin), Coconut Oil (Virgin), Distilled Water, Shea Butter (Unrefined), Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Cocoa Butter (Unrefined), Castor Oil (Organic), Fragrance Oil (Phthalate and Paraben Free), Myrrh Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Sodium Lactate, Mica

For All Skin Types


Vegan Friendly