Our Story


Hello there! I'm Diana Marcelin, a creative individual since childhood. I loved creating things, whether it was drawing pictures, crafting dollhouses from cardboard boxes, or sewing doll clothes. I also enjoyed being active and playing outside. Growing up, I never thought I would develop allergies. However, as I got older, I noticed that store-bought products caused dry patches, itchiness, and little rash bumps on my skin.

To understand what was happening, I researched the ingredients in my products and discovered that they were not skin-friendly. When I stopped using them, my skin irritation decreased. I then stumbled upon a DIY lotion that worked wonders, inspiring me to make my own natural products. This led to the birth of Martous Naturals, a Haitian family-owned natural products company in Atlanta, Georgia.

We specialize in handmade soaps, lotions, and sugar scrubs for everyone. Our philosophy is to make products as naturally as possible to maintain healthy skin while leaving it smooth and soft. Each item is carefully crafted with love and creativity as if it were made for a family member. We pride ourselves on unique handmade goods that convey the warmth of our hearts. Despite being small, we aspire to do big things and deliver the highest-quality products with our commitment to craftsmanship. We appreciate you visiting our site.