Moringa Soap

Moringa Soap

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Moringa powder is helpful in preventing acne breakouts on your skin. It also aids in removing dark spots, blemishes, blackheads and pimples. It has skin loving nutrients like Vitamin A, which helps with building collagen in the skin to promote firmness, Vitamin C to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and Vitamin E for healing and anti-inflammatory properties. This herb is a powerhouse for getting your skin back to optimal health. 

Scented with Patchouli Essential oil, known to be a grounding, balancing and calming scent. Perfect balance for this herb filled and earthly scent of the Moringa powder. 

Made with natural butters and oils to keep your skin cleansed, moisturized and looking its best. Our handmade soap provides great lather and moisture that our body needs to thrive.  

Good for Face & Body

I highly recommend using a soap dish that drains water to extend the life of the soap 

**All our soaps are hand cut and color variations in appearance is possible**

Weight: 4 oz

Ingredients: Olive Oil (Extra Virgin), Coconut Oil (Virgin), Distilled Water, Shea Butter (Unrefined), Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Patchouli Essential Oil, Cocoa Butter (Unrefined), Castor Oil (Organic), Moringa Powder, Sodium Lactate

For All Skin Types


Vegan Friendly



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